Hagerty Consulting Review 2023: Best Emergency Management Consulting Firm in 2023

Hagerty Consulting aids clients in the prevention of disasters and in recovering from them. Hagerty has won numerous prizes for its high-quality innovative, customer service since it was established since 2002.

Government agencies at every level municipal, state, federal institutions, colleges, universities non-profits, as well as the private sector can get assistance in emergency management assistance from Hagerty.

Hagerty is an expert in a variety of situations, including Active threats and active shooters advanced coordinated attack.

In this blog we will look at Hagerty Consulting Review and also as Best Emergency Management Consulting Firm in 2023.

About Hagerty Consulting

Hagerty Consulting is a company which aims at assisting clients with disaster recovery and emergency preparedness. The company has received awards for its excellence, innovation and service to customers.

The company, Hagerty Consulting, strives to provide a flexible work environment which encourages temporary employment and remote flexibility, and a minimum of obligations to travel.

Flexible jobs in sectors like health & medicine and human services, as well as consulting, and politics, specifically as a health consultant has been reported to be offered by Hagerty Consulting.

The business seeks people who are organized, innovative and technologically adept to join the team. The past has seen it has employed skilled employees.

Candidates who have been selected must be able to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally as well as communicate information in a captivating manner, and resolve issues in innovative and efficient methods.

What Exactly is Hagerty Consulting?

Hagerty Consulting aids clients in the prevention of disasters and in recovering from them. Hagerty has won numerous accolades for its excellence as well as its innovation and customer service since its inception since 2002.

All levels of government agencies, federal municipal, state universities, colleges non-profits, as well as private companies can obtain the emergency management solutions from Hagerty. Hagerty is an expert in situations involving actively threatening situations, active shooters advanced coordinated attack.

They aid businesses in the development of specific active threat programs which create practical strategies for responding to threats that take into consideration the culture of the community or organization as well as the age of the population and physical condition and the structure’s design as well as other important factors.

Hagerty Consulting Review

Summer Intern for Emergency Management

Hagerty reviews of clients.

What I Enjoyed

I had the chance to be involved in numerous projects in various disciplines (business development, marketing, market research, etc. ) I was able to work on numerous projects, each of which I believe made a difference.

I was able to use several of the methods for analyzing data that I was taught at Wesleyan and use them in the various Hagerty’s contracts currently in the works because the program was tailored towards my specific preferences.

In the course of during the entire summer season, every one the upper management and colleagues who were around me were extremely helpful and patient. They constantly encouraged me to inquire about things.
I would prefer it to be different.

Things I Wish Something Different

I would have liked some more formal training on board due to the fact that the first few weeks of my time are an important transition time with the amount of work you’ll be doing and the information you are learning.

Learning by doing is among the best methods to improve and I believe that the first few weeks were among the most critical for understanding more about the type of Hagerty’s job and the skills required to help senior employees.

My Candit Advice

There are times when you may have multiple tasks at the same time however, I would recommend that you take on all the tasks you can.

In my own way I learned more about disaster management and the exciting, interesting Hagerty’s projects across the nation.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to an experienced associate if ever need assistance or have a query.

Hagerty Consulting: Salary

From around $46,834 annually for an Recovery Associate to $158,406 per year for the Senior Managing Associate Hagerty Consulting salaries range.

The hourly earnings for employees of Hagerty Consulting typically vary from $38 for an Associate up to $62 for a consultant.

Hagerty Consulting Address

A management consulting firm with office locations across Texas, Texas, and Illinois.

Facts on Hagerty Consulting
Consultancy services for industry management

The range of employees: 201-500

Address: 201, 1618 Orrington Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, USA

The Hagerty Consulting Reviews

In a survey of more than 104 anonymous reviews from employees, Hagerty Consulting has received an overall score that is 3.9 out of five. 81% of employees would recommend a friend to take a look at a job with Hagerty Consulting, and 84 percent of them are optimistic about the future of the business.

Summer Intern in Emergency Management

What I Enjoyed

I was able to participate in various initiatives in various areas (business development, marketing, market research, etc. ) All of which I believe made a difference.

I was able apply some of the techniques for data analysis I acquired at Wesleyan and put them into work on several of Hagerty’s contracts currently in the works because the program was tailored to my interest.

In the course of this summer period, each the upper management and colleagues close to me were extremely supportive and patient. They always encouraged me to inquire about things.

Freelance Consulting Review 2023: All You Need To Know

Things I Wish Were Different

I would have liked to have received a bit more formal training on the way to boarding since the first few weeks of my new job are an adjustment period that is significant due to the amount of work and information that you must learn.

One of the most effective methods to understand is by experiencing it in person I believe that the first few weeks were the most important for learning more about the Hagerty’s work and the capabilities needed to assist senior staff.

My Sincere Advice

There are times when you may have multiple tasks at the same time however, I would recommend to be able to handle all the tasks you are able to.

In my own way I was able to gain a better understanding about disaster management and also the interesting, exciting Hagerty’s projects across the country.

Don’t be afraid to speak with an associate in the senior level if you ever require assistance or have any questions.

Hagerty Consulting Jobs

Position: Site Manager

Location: New York, NY 10038: Hagerty Consulting Inc.
Job Type Contract:

Pay per year: $95,000 – $155,000.

The ideal candidates for this position will need previous experience with in the management of the logistics and emergency response processes. Candidates who are qualified can solve problems and solve issues in collaboration with the various agencies and departments, while providing daily reports on site and information to agency leaders.

Candidates for the post of Site Manager have to meet the following requirements:

At the minimum of a bachelor’s.

Minimum 7 (7) seven (7) years’ experience as a professional in emergency management and coordination of aid for refugees or other causes of humanitarian concern or an area related.

The ability to work with partners to ensure the site’s functionality and resolve issues that may occur during operation.

Experienced in solving problems and elevating issues to the level of leadership as needed.

Excellent writing and oral skills for communication.

Expertise with Microsoft Office Suite’s (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and SharePoint) tools.

Attention to detail and attention to detail. organization and analytical skills.

The capability to deliver the deliverables, recaps of meetings, or summary documents to customers.

The willingness to work for more than a month with a client at-site.
The ability to work 12 hour shifts when needed, based on the speed of operations for the company.

Ability to manage multiple priorities efficiently under pressure and remain focused when working to meet deadlines that are short.

Candidates for the post of site manager could fulfill the criteria listed below:

An extensive history of helping as well as working with populations that are vulnerable.

Participated in a prior disaster’s logistics or operations section.

Experience in running similar operations in the event of a disaster or overseeing operations on site during the COVID-19 epidemic.

pay:The compensation scale is between $95,000 to $155,000. The compensation decisions are based on many factors which include, but aren’t restricted to, the applicant’s abilities, experience, and training, in addition to their location, requirements for travel and other business and organizational business demands.

Here is Hagerty Consulting Competitors

Tidal Basin LLC, 263, $8.7 million.

IEM Inc. 406. $79.1 million.

$21.7 million Arc Aspicio LLC.

$23.1M The Steam Team Inc.

  1. $44.4M CDR Maguire Inc.
  2. $33.7M Emergency Management and Homeland Security in Georgia.

Hagerty Consulting Revenue

Revenue Prediction & Valuation

The estimated annual revenues of Hagerty Consulting is $165.8M.

The projected income per employee at Hagerty Consulting is $302,600.

Employee Information

548 employees work for Hagerty Consulting.
Employees employed at Hagerty Consulting increased by 13 percent in the last year.

Frequently Asked Question About Hagerty Consulting

Three consulting companies are among the most effective?

Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company along with McKinsey & Company are the three consulting firms often described as being part of”the “Big Three” or MBB.

It is who the Hagerty Consulting CEO is who?

Steve Hagerty
One of the best emergency management consulting firms in the United States is headed by Steve Hagerty, who also established the company. As a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), Steve also held the position for the city of Evanston, Illinois’ 21st mayor.

What are the Hagerty Consulting’s core values?

Our Recovery team is built on the tasks we carry out as well as guided by core values of innovation, excellence and collaboration. Our customers have a positive experience due to these values that are embedded throughout each Hagerty employee.

What is the biggest consulting firm?

With a yearly $128 billion revenues, Tata Group is the largest consulting firm worldwide. Globally, the management consultant market projected to be $973.67 billion by 2022.


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