10 Best Public Health Consulting Firms In The World | 2023

The public health consulting industry continues to see immense growth, some outstanding companies have managed to stay ahead of the curve and have made their mark on the market. They combine a wealth of knowledge, creativity and drive to address difficult public health issues and improve the health of populations.

Starting with strategic plan-of-action and programme development in to analysis of data and equity education These consulting firms provide various services to meet the varied requirements of public health organizations and programs. Their expertise, research-based strategies, and data-driven information help them deliver effective solutions and create positive transformation.

In this piece, we’ll dig into the distinct strengths and achievements of the top ten consultants in public health, showing their experience, customer reviews, as well as the new strategies they employ.

What Are Public Health Consulting Companies?

Public health consulting firms are specialist firms that offer consultation services to various participants in the sector of health public. These companies provide expert advice and assistance in tackling problems in public health, improving the health of populations and implementing efficient programs for public health.

Consultancies in public health play an important role in aiding public health initiatives and organizations. They offer valuable expertise in the field of data-driven insight, research-based strategies to improve health, tackle issues in public health, and ensure health equity. Utilizing the services of these organizations, the people working within the public health field will be able to increase their impact and reach their goals more efficiently.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Public Health Consulting Companies?

There are a few things to think about that could aid you in making an informed choice

Know-how and experience Assess the expertise of the company in consulting on public health issues and the experience it has gained working with similar initiatives or organizations. Take note of their past performance as well as their breadth of expertise, as well as their understanding of public health issues as well as the most effective methods.

Services offered Review the variety of services offered by the consultancy firm. Check that they meet the needs of your company for strategic planning, evaluation of programs and data analysis as well as health equity advocacy and stakeholder involvement. Choose a business with a wide range of solutions that meet your exact needs.

Customer References, Testimonials and Client Reviews Ask for references from clients or request testimonials from clients who have previously worked with us. This will allow you to assess the reputation of the business, its customer satisfaction, and the results they’ve had in public health projects.

Collaboration Method Look at the way that consulting firms approach collaboration and stakeholder involvement. Choose a firm that is committed to close collaboration, actively involves key stakeholders and ensures that their opinions and preferences are taken into account throughout the consultation process.

Analytics of Data as well as Research Skills Review the firm’s expertise in the analysis of data and research methodology. A strong understanding of data analysis is vital to inform evidence-based decision-making as well as program development in the field of public health.

Understanding about health Equity as well as Disparities: Consulting firms for public health must demonstrate a thorough understanding of health equity as well as disparities. They must have experience formulating strategies to tackle health inequities, decrease disparities and ensure equitable access to health services.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Public Health Consulting Firms?

Here are a few of the advantages of utilizing consultants in public health:

Specialist Expertise Public health consulting firms have specialization and experience in the field of public health. They have a thorough understanding of issues in public health including best practices, as well as methods that are based on evidence. Their expertise can assist organisations make informed choices to implement effective interventions and deal with the complex issues in public health.

data-driven insights The public health consulting firms provide the ability to analyze data, allowing companies to make informed decisions. They assist in the collection, analysis and interpret data from the public health field to detect trends, assess the effectiveness of programs, and develop strategies to improve health outcomes.

Programming Development as well as Evaluation Program Development and Evaluation health consulting firms aid in programs development as well as evaluation. They help in the development of effective programs, establishing goals for programs as well as implementing evaluation frameworks and evaluating outcomes. They ensure that the programs are based on evidence and well-designed. They also have an impact that can be measured.

Health Equity Promotion Health Equity Promotion consulting firms tackle disparities in health by formulating strategies to eliminate inequities and ensure equitable access to health resources. They collaborate with organizations to determine social elements that affect health and develop interventions targeted at marginalized populations by reducing disparities, and also promoting health equity.

Capacity Development Consultancies in public health offer assistance in building capacity for organizations as well as individuals who work in the field of public health. They provide training programs as well as workshops and educational resources that help to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of health professionals in public and enable them to efficiently tackle public health issues.

policy and advocacy Assistance Policy and Advocacy Support: Public health consulting firms aid organizations with policy analysis, development, and advocacy. They provide insight on public health policy help in drafting efficient advocacy strategies, as well as conduct assessment of the impact of policies, allowing organizations to influence policy that supports the health of a population.

Best Public Health Consulting Firms In The World In 2023

Here are the top 10 public health consulting firms around this world by 2023.

1. AcademyHealth

Looking for a company to consult who truly understands the public policies and practices in health? AcademyHealth is the answer! As a non-profit entity they offer consulting, research, and educational services to the public health sector.

Their knowledge has helped major players such as their clients at the CDC, WHO, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in enhancing its public health programmes. It doesn’t matter if it’s strategic planning evaluation of programs, or even support for technical issues, AcademyHealth has got you covered!

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2. Avalere Health

Improvement in public health is the primary focus of the mission of Avalere Health. With a track record of excellence in the areas of strategic design as well as implementation and evaluation Avalere Health has been instrumental in changing the public health system.

Their collaboration with famous organisations like The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NIH and APHA is a testament to their knowledge. If you select Avalere Health, you’re choosing an expert consulting company that knows the specifics of the public health field and produces outstanding outcomes.

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3. Bridgespan

If you’re looking to improve performances within performance in the social industry, Bridgespan is a name to consider. With an extensive knowledge of public health, they have assisted organizations such as those of the United Way, American Heart Association as well as the YMCA in developing their programs for public health.

Their services include strategic planning, evaluation of programs as well as fundraising. Bridgespan’s dedication to making an impact in their community makes Bridgespan an excellent option for companies seeking complete assistance with their consulting.

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4. ClearView Healthcare Partners

ClearView Healthcare Partners stands out as a consultancy firm that has profound knowledge regarding the health industry as well as its effects on the public health.

Their outstanding track record in strategic development, implementation, and analysis has helped them become valuable partners for organizations such as such as the CDC, WHO, and the World Bank. With the goal of bringing about positive changes, ClearView Healthcare Partners ensures that their clients receive unmatched assistance and insights based on data.

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5. The Lewin Group

If you are looking for a consultancy firm that has expertise in the area of public health, the Lewin Group is the perfect option. Their knowledge about public health policies and practices has significantly benefitted organizations like The CDC, NIH, and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Offering services that range from strategic planning to evaluation of programs and analysis of policy, The Lewin Group provides comprehensive support in managing the policy and legal world that surrounds public health.

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6. Mercer

In terms of worldwide consulting and services Mercer has a reputation to reckon with. Because of their emphasis to improve public health they’ve had a major impact aiding organizations such as such as the World Bank, United Nations and Gates Foundation. Gates Foundation in improving public health programs.

The expertise of Mercer lies in strategic planning, evaluation of programs and data analysis, making it possible to offer customized solutions to the specific issues faced by health professionals across the globe.

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7. Orrick

Orrick is a leading international law firm has an in-depth understanding of the law governing public health and its vital importance in ensuring the health of communities.

Their knowledge of the maze of legal issues in public health has been beneficial to organizations such as such as the CDC, NIH, and APHA. With a focus on public health law and health reforms, lawsuits and advocacy for policy, Orrick offers a trusted and demonstrated track record of protecting the public health interests.

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8. PwC Health

As the healthcare consulting arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), PwC Health brings a deep understanding of the healthcare industry.

With a proven track record of the areas of strategic planning, implementation and evaluation PwC Health has been instrumental in enhancing public health programs of organizations like WHO, the CDC, WHO, and AHA. PwC Health’s extensive services that include data analysis as well as strategic planning, guarantee that clients receive the best guidance to maximise their public health impact.

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9. Trinity Health

For companies seeking services for consulting founded on Catholic health concepts, Trinity Health is an excellent option. Their knowledge of the Catholic healthcare system and their commitment to improve the health of the public has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for organizations such as AHA, the AHA, ACP, and ANA.

Trinity Health’s services, which include strategic planning, evaluation of programs and analysis of data, are specifically designed to meet the specific requirements of the organizations that operate inside the Catholic healthcare system.

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10. WHO | Collaborating Centres

Are you in search of a company that can provide consulting services with global reach? WHO Collaborating Centres is a network of companies that collaborate in conjunction with World Health Organization (WHO) to improve health and well-being globally.

With more than 100 organizations across the globe They provide solutions such as technical assistance, training and research. Their knowledge of health-related issues for the public and their commitment to positively affecting the world make the ideal choice for businesses looking for global support in consulting.

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What Services Do Public Health Consulting Companies Provide?

A few of the services that are offered by companies that provide public health consultation in 2023 are:

Programming Development and Evaluation The firms aid in the design, implementation and evaluate programs and initiatives for public health. They are experts in need evaluation, evidence-based design of programs monitoring and evaluation and outcomes measurement.

Policies Analysis and advocacy Policy Analysis and Advocacy: Public health consulting firms provide analysis and advice on public health laws and regulations. They provide insight on how to development of policies as well as advocacy strategies. They also provide impacts of policies.

Analytics of Data as well as Epidemiology The firms are skilled in the analysis of data along with epidemiological study. They aid in the analysis of public health data to identify trends, performing risk assessments, and presenting evidence-based guidelines.

Health Communication and Behavior Change Health Communication and Behavior Change consulting firms offer assistance in the creation of health-related communications campaigns, behavior modification interventions, as well as social marketing methods. They assist in creating effective messaging and communication channels to increase the public’s health and promote healthy habits.

health Equity as well as Disparities Consulting firms for public health address the issue of health equity as well as disparities. They accomplish this by offering the expertise to identify and address social elements that affect health. They assist in developing strategies to decrease health disparities, increase accessibility to healthcare services and encourage health equity among vulnerable populations.

capacity building and training These organizations provide training and capacity-building initiatives that help to improve the skills and understanding of public health professionals. They offer seminars, workshops as well as educational resources to build public health workforce capacities.

Global Health Consultation Some firms that provide public health consultation focus on global health and collaborate in partnership with international organizations as well as non-profits, governments and other organizations to tackle global health issues. They provide expertise in areas like infections such as maternal and infant health, strengthening of the health system as well as humanitarian intervention.

Who Needs Public Health Consulting Services in 2023?

Consultation services in public health are beneficial to all people involved in public health initiatives. Here are a few organizations that could benefit by engaging in public health consultation services:

Government Agencies

Consulting services in public health are useful for government health departments as well as agencies at the regional, local or national level. These services aid in the process of policy development as well as program implementation analysis of data, and capacity development to improve public health outcomes.

Healthcare Institutions

Consultation services for public health are useful for healthcare institutions such as hospitals clinics, clinics, as well as healthcare systems. These services aid in tackling problems with population health and in the development of health-related initiatives for the community. Additionally, they implement prevention strategies for health and enhance health outcomes within the communities they serve.

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International and Global Health Organizations

International organizations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are involved on global health projects may benefit from public health consulting services. Consultants can provide expert advice on global health policies and program development and capacity building. They also assist in the implementation of strategies to tackle health issues on a global scale.

Community and Public Health Programs

Public health and community-based organizations as well as programs that target specific populations or health issues could profit from the assistance of consultants. Consultants assist in program development, evaluation, engagement with the community, and resource allocation in order to make sure that the public is able to sustain and benefit from health interventions.

Academic Institutions

Consulting services in public health are beneficial for universities in the fields of education, research as well as training within the area of health public. Consultants aid the development of education curriculum development as well as study design, analysis and research along with strategic plans. This will help improve the public health services offered by the institution as well as research initiatives.

Health Insurance Providers

Consulting services in public health could help health insurance companies to enhance health outcomes and create preventive strategies for health. Consultants are experts in the analysis of data and risk assessment, program design as well as health education.

Is Public Health Consulting Worth It?

Engaging in public health consultation services is definitely beneficial for organisations and other stakeholders who are engaged in public health. Consulting firms in public health offer specific expertise, data-driven insight and evidence-based strategies to tackle health problems facing the public.

Through leveraging their services businesses can benefit from the strategic direction in data analysis and assessment improved impact, as well as stakeholder collaboration. Public health experts assist with the process of policy development and program implementation, capacity building, data analysis and efficient allocation of resources.

They encourage collaboration among participants and tackle health disparities to encourage health equity. In the end the advantages of public health consultation exceed the cost, since it helps organizations strengthen their public health programs and drive positive change and enhance the overall health and well-being of the populations and communities they serve.

FAQs on Public Health Consulting Firms in 2023

Who could gain from the services of public health consultants?

A variety of clients are able to profit from public health consultation services, including department of health, nonprofit organisations health institutions, global and international health organizations as well as public and community health programs, and universities engaged in research into public health and education.

What can public health consulting firms help in the program’s development as well as evaluation?

Consulting firms for public health assist in conceiving, implementing and evaluation of the effectiveness of public health initiatives. They can provide assistance in the areas of needs assessment and program design, as well as analysis of data, and outcomes evaluation to ensure that programs are efficient and effective.

What are the ways that public health consultants address health inequality and disparities?

Public health consulting firms assist with the identification of social elements that affect health, and develop strategies to decrease the health disparities and improve health equity. They partner with organizations in implementing initiatives to tackle the root causes of health inequities, and encourage equality in access to healthcare resources.

Can consulting firms in public health aid in the analysis of data and research?

Yes the public health consulting firms typically are experts in the field of data analysis and research methods. They can help organizations with studying public health data as well as conducting epidemiological research and making use of data-driven insights to guide decision-making and program development.

How can companies in public health help the involvement of stakeholders?

Consulting firms for public health facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders, which includes communities, government agencies as well as healthcare providers and non-profit organizations. They aid in building collaboration, coordination and involving communities in order to create a common approach to dealing with the health issues facing our society.


Consulting firms for public health have a vital role to play in helping organizations and all people that are part of public health efforts.

Through providing expert knowledge as well as insights and strategies These firms assist in addressing issues in public health and encourage health equity. Engaging in the companies’ services is a wise investment that allows organizations to effectively allocate resources and to bring positive changes to public health.


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