Social Media Lead Generation: 13 Proven Tactics

It doesn’t make a difference what product you’re offering. The bottom line is that every brand that is present on social media is involved in the business of social media lead generation.

If you’re an ice-cream maker or funeral director (representing the entire spectrum of possibilities), social media offers the opportunity to look into an entire world of potential customers.

You’re aware of how beneficial social media is in generating brand recognition and engagement. Today, we’ll look at how marketers can make use of platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and LinkedIn to drive sales leads.

Social media can assist you in finding those interested in the services your business can offer -but, more importantly it will help you stay in contact with these prospective customers, letting them know about new announcements and special offers.

Are you ready to utilize social media marketing in order to create and nurture leads of quality? Welcome to Social Media Leads 101. The class is currently in session.

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What is social media results?

Social media leads could be the future customers.

If you gather details from the social media user that can allow you to follow-up to them you’ve got yourself a brand new lead.

Perhaps it’s just the name of their company, perhaps you’ve got their email address or a few details regarding their employer. If you’ve got a method to reach out and communicate with prospective clients on social media Congratulations: you’ve got yourself an opportunity to get a social media lead.

Source: Facebook

What exactly is social media lead generation?

The term “social” media lead generation refers to any action that you do through social media which permits you to gather new leads.

This could involve creating amazing content that will bring in people who aren’t following. This could require spending a few dollars on targeted advertisements. Whatever you’re doing to pull in the vital contact information to reach potential clients this is social media lead generation. (We’ll discuss more specific strategies regarding social media lead generation initiatives below, so keep an eye out.)

The social media lead generation will be the initial stage of social media selling. The lead generation process follows by

  • social media lead to nurturing The process of establishing relationships with potential customers.
  • The social media lead convertThis is the phase of social media selling when you conclude the deal and complete the sale.

social media lead generation strategies to testAre you looking to make use of social media for generating leads for sales? Here are 13 strategies to attract potential customers by using social marketing strategies.

Enhance your profile

The profile on your social media profiles should function as a single point of entry to allow social media customers to find out about your work and hopefully feel motivated to follow you or go to your website.

Below are 10 suggestions for creating the ideal social media page The gist of it all is to take the necessary steps to create a memorable first impression.

Make sure that your profile is fully filled with the pertinent business profile description (make it keyword-rich to improve your social SEO!) and also that you have an active URL that leads visitors to a captivating landing page.

Pro tip: Use an UTM code to monitor click-throughs to the social media profiles. Learn more about using UTM to track performance here!

Schedule posts to the correct date and

It’s pretty difficult to impress prospective clients when they don’t have access to your posts. Scheduling your posts to go to live when it is the appropriate timing is essential to generate social media lead (and engagement generally).

Make use of a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite to ensure that your posts are posted at the appropriate moment to grab your reader’s focus.

Make clickable and interactive content

The best method to attract sales leads is to provide something valuable through social media this is posting appealing and engaging content that is clickable.

Every time you make an amusing video, an amazing infographic or an interesting essay’s title, you’re casting out the lure to draw into future customers. Do you not want to check out this clip of the ceramicist Rachel Saunders pouring coffee on repeat? Maybe someday, you’ll want to buy one of these coffee mugs?

To truly collect leads However, you’re not simply searching through your feeds. You’re trying to get more followers, new comments and click-throughs. These are indicators which will provide you with the information you need to identify specific users for the second phase of your social selling process: nurturing leads.

Here are some suggestions to help you begin with creating posts that will be highly-engaged.

customer testimonials

Engage your customers by sharing the stories of your former or present customers. Provide testimonials from clients, user-generated content and real-world cases studies on blog posts, or in other formats to provide social evidence you are a legitimate business is legit and that your brand is worthy of being a part of.

Take for instance the actual person wearing Franc’s exercise clothes! It makes any product seem more appealing if you witness someone (even someone who is not your typical customer) enjoying it in the wild, right?

Create user-friendly landing pages

If you’ve managed to convince people to visit your website It’s a matter of making or breaking it. If they’re lucky, they’ll continue to buy something or hire your services (awwww yes) But in this moment, gathering contact details is an excellent way to win.

A landing page allows visitors to provide their contact information to find out more. Perhaps it’s a form that reads, “Submit your contact info to find out about more!” but this can also be a sign-up for newsletters or an invitation to access restricted content.

By clicking through on the Instagram profile to the home page for Circle Wellness Spa gives an immediate message to take action, directing guests to “Join the waitlist” to enjoy the spa’s thermal experience. It doesn’t get any more user-friendly than this. (And now, we can are able to relax… to just.)

If you’re looking into social media advertisements (more on that later! ), tracking pixels can also transform a visitor’s initial visit into an information-gathering experience.

Targeted ads

Social media advertisements are a fantastic method to get leads, in particular due to the fact that social media platforms permit extremely specific target-based targeting for demographics. You can also share your incredible advertisement with a targeted audience — and, ideally, those who are most likely to purchase with you.

Advertising campaigns can be designed specifically to help with lead generation and include a call to action that requires contact information.

With an Facebook lead advertisement as well as an Instagram lead advertisement (both made with Meta Business Manager), users can be prompted to submit an online request form… in addition, Facebook will populate the form with the information of users. With just a few clicks you’ve got a reliable lead for your business.

Source: Facebook

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms can also be used to collect high-quality leads using pre-filled lead forms for message ads and other sponsored content.

Source: LinkedIn

TikTok’s latest lead generation advertising purpose assists social media managers to easily gather data as well. A prompt lets ad-viewers find out what they can about the business or answer questions, set up appointments, and even share the contact details of your company with you.

Source: TikTok

Social listening

Social listening is the process of watching social media platforms for discussions or mentions of your brand products, services or campaigns. ( Hootsuite’s Streams feature makes this a breeze and combines the data from your social platforms in one spot.) By monitoring the conversations happening across the internet and you’ll be able to identify potential customers.

Imagine you’re a shoemaker and you’ve set up your rival’s brand trademark as a search engine for social listening search. When you hear someone complaining on Twitter about the length of their shoelaces in Their New Balances have too much length you can come into the conversation and suggest your brand as a possible alternative. (Or something more subtle, like you are you.) The grumpy Tweeter is now your new social media lead. Mazel tov!

Give incentives

Information is valuable and why would anyone be able to provide it away free of charge? Trade, on the contrary is a different matter.

Give incentives to people to provide their contact details with you. Soon, you’ll be flooded with email names of prospective customers. It’s a “you scratch me back and I’ll scratch mine” kind of deal.

This is especially effective when it comes to referral campaigns in which you ask existing customers to promote the brand with their friends and relatives in exchange for the chance to receive a discount.

There are many options you could offer in exchange for information about content:

  • Social media contests href=” /”>(here are 12 innovative social media contest ideas you can explore! )
  • Content that is gated (like like this McKinsey study!)
  • Discount codes, special offers or coupons
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters (like WealthSimple’s)
  • Research papers or whitepapers
  • Unique thought leadership

Make use of social media chatbots

Customer service that is outstanding is kind part of Business 101. In this time and age, it implies offering excellent social mediacustomer services also.

What is this got to do with relate to lead generation strategy? Customer service is how you deal with your potentialcustomers as well as your existing ones. You’ve been preparing to assist potential buyers as soon as they make contact. Any person who contacts you with an inquiry for example it’s an untapped lead that is needing to be nurtured.

Of course, regardless of how incredibly online you and your staff are, it’s impossible to provide 24/7, instant assistance… in the absence of assistance.

Chatbots that are conversational AI can fill that void and assist you in helping others. Make sure that you don’t let a sales lead is lost by establishing a messenger as well as a DM virtual assistant to answer questions and concerns without human intervention. Thanks to’ Botty, this future customer will receive a speedy pleasant customer experience and you’ll get an email address that you can utilize to use in subsequent social selling.

Customize the pitch

Personalization is a significant thing. 71% of customers expect personalization of their experiencesso it’s no wonder that the revenue generated by personalization tools for customer service is poised to exceed $9 billion..

Some social media platforms provide personalized ads that are targeted to users. In the end, they’ve identified the names of their users available to be taken advantage of and it’s easy for automated ad-building bots to plug them right into. (Just take a look at the sweet personal note from ModCloth’s ModCloth Facebook Messenger Bot in the above example!)

If Jerome notices an ad on his feed saying “Hey Jerome! Are you willing to test our brand new brand of margarine that is direct to consumers?” he’ll probably feel quite special. (And isn’t this really the essence of social selling is about?)

Marketers plan to increase their investment in SEO this year, report Finds

Host a livestream event

The social media livestream is an engaging and exciting method to interact and engage with followers (or lookie-loos) No big costly venue is required.

You may be hosting an event such as a Q&A or behind-the-scenes excursion or even putting together the masterclass of your choice, livestreams can be the perfect way to provide entertainment or educational content in a way that is interactive.

Utilize the livestream to promote your other services and products and guide viewers to sign-up page to “learn more about it,” and invite newcomers to follow your stream to learn more.

Content creators who sponsor content

To get in touch with a lot of potential customers at once you might consider joining forces with an social media author.

If it’s an organic collaboration or a paid one engaging with the audience of another channel is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand more widely… as well as possibly get some fresh, real leads to sell.

Dive into analytics

You social media analysisoffer honest insight into what’s happening in social media world.

What articles are attracting responses? What is the most popular thing people are keeping? Which new fans are coming on? Who has clicked the link on your profile to your website… Did they sign-up for access to your password-protected 2023 Report about your Caramel Corn Industry?

Finding out what’s working (and the things that aren’t!) is essential to generate social media prospects. Utilize to analyze your social media indicators to help you improve the content you plan to publish so that you can gain more followers – each one of which could be a sales lead.

How do you follow leads derived generated by social media

If you buy an ad in a magazine or put an advertisement at the end of the road, there’s no precise way to determine the number of people who saw the advertisement… as well even if they did but didn’t see it, you can’t determine if it inspired them to come back to your business.

In the case of social media marketing, this isn’t the case. With the appropriate tools, it is possible to know the exact number of leads you’ve generated through social media every day (or month or year).


UTMs are specialized tracking tags that you put at the end of URLs. Make use of them strategically when you publish URLs to track where the traffic is coming from.

For example, you could create for instance, one UTM to use for Twitter and another one for Facebook. The unique codes can aid in identifying the website visitors came from which source. Find out more information about UTMs here.

Web Analytics

Make use of Google Analytics or your website’s back-end analytics software, to see the source of traffic from. Are you seeing a rise from YouTube, or is the majority of people who are visiting the “Book your appointment!” page coming from Instagram?

Track engagement

If you track the amount of interaction on every post you publish it gives you a quantifiable review of how effective your message can be… that is the first step to the direction of your viewers through that sweet funnel of sales to convert.

Monitor comments and Likes These indicate that your content resonates with people and encourages your followers to respond. Saves and shares are important as well, which indicates that people find your content valuable. Of course, click-throughs can be another type of engagement — and an indication of a step towards the right direction in your sales funnel.

“Email us “How did you find out about us”

It’s outdated, but listen us out. If you’re interested in knowing which leads are coming from, perhaps… inquire?

If you’ve forced someone to complete an inquiry form to get more information or provided them with the opportunity to download a free guide regarding Home Silversmithing Techniques, you’ve had the chance to include an inquiry that simply asks, “Where did you hear about us?” Similarly, you can ask this question in the very end of the sales process when you have their hard-earned cash.

What’s the top social media platforms to use for lead generation?

The most suitable social media platform to help with lead generation will depend on the particular business and your specific audience. This is a dull answer. We get it. However, it’s the truth.

TikTok is an excellent social media lead source when you’re trying for a way to sell to Generation Z. It’s a platform that offers plenty of opportunities to be discovered and one in which users are eager to interact with brands and get suggestions for shopping.

However, if you’re a business-to-business brand however, on the other side, LinkedIn is likely to be a better match. The users are middle managers and decision makers. Marketers have up to 2x more conversion rates in B2B sales and have 2x higher engagement rates. ( See more LinkedIn statistics on this page.)

If your trying to connect with the largest number of people you can, Facebook is the most effective option. It’s currently the most used social media platform around the globe, with an estimated audience of 2.9 billion.

In the end, if you’re trying to gather sales leads through social media You’re going to have to determine first who your ideal customer is and where they hang around online. This is our guide to finding your social media customers.

After you’ve determined your primary channel (or outlets) and you’re ready to interact with your targeted people using the appropriate tropes manners, appropriate etiquette, and the best techniques — and finally bring in that all-powerful contact information.

The best social media lead generation tools


One of the great things of an all-in-one social media dashboard such as Hootsuite is the ability to combine the entirety the social media platforms from one location. You can look for leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more with a single, easy-to-use tab.

Hootsuite is also fantastic to use…

  • The purpose of these posts is to create leads
  • Generating UTMs to track how well posts perform
  • Analytics to discern the things that are working and what’s not.
  • responding to sales leads, and sending them messages (and providing seamless customer support) through in the Hootsuite Inbox tool.

Google Analytics

The OG website analysis tool capable of providing data on precisely where the leads that have landed on your website originate from. Are you interested in knowing what social media platforms bring the most visitors to the newsletter sign-up page or what post has been responsible for the surge of traffic to the “Learn more” page? Google Analytics will show you the sources of all your website users.


What could you give an individual in exchange in exchange for their contact details? The newsletter option is excellent option (and MailChimp is a fave tool to build newsletters). You can catch their attention in their inbox every day, and they receive delicious, new content to savor. It seems like a good offer to us.

Make use of Your social media account to encourage users to sign-up to receive this exclusive email and then watch the emails start coming into.

Media Lead Generation Statistics for Social media lead generation stats

The most important figure to be aware of when you embark in journey on your social marketing journey, is 4.74 billion users globally are active using social media. This is… quite a number. This is also a number that proves social media is an extremely effective instrument to use for lead generation.

  • 77% users find new products via social media
  • 62.3 percent of Instagram users are following or researching products and brands; 54.9% of Facebook users agree with this.
  • 49.2 Percent of social media users across the globe use the platform to learn about brands and view their posts
  • Social media platforms increased to more than 190 million active users in 2022 by itself
  • 27 Percent of Internet users make use of social media sites to search for ideas for activities and purchase, whereas 26.2 percent are looking for items to buy
  • 70% of consumers search at the their Instagram
  • 37 percent 37% Facebook members will purchase through the platform by 2023.
  • Over 200 million Instagram users check their account at least once per day. Half of them make use of Instagram every week to shop
  • 87% userstrust creators of Youtube to provide reliable advice

FAQs regarding social media lead generation

What is social media lead-generation businesses?

There aren’t any companies that are exclusively to provide social media lead generation. You’re all on your own, child!

In the world of sales generally speaking “lead generation firms” collect data from consumers to market to other businesses. They’ll classify leads into various categories so they can offer specific, relevant leads to you.

Yet… businesses and products are available to assist you in collecting or connect with social media lead. Social media platforms themselves offer an ad type that is specifically crafted to help with lead generation.

Companies such as Hootsuite can help you create leads by using tools that help make outreach, monitoring and tracking effective and efficient.

Is there an instance of lead generation?

One illustration to illustrate lead generation on social media could be to create a post on LinkedIn which leads people to a form for collection.

Another instance? buying a lead-generation ad for Facebook which was aimed at certain demographics, and included a the call-to-action of sharing their contact details.

How do you cultivate leads via social media?

Engaging leads through social media can be described as the process of building positive relationships with prospects. They are customers who could be potential They haven’t bought anything from your company, but may in the future should you treat them right.

Inspiring an lead involves establishing a rapport in a one-on-one manner or via your public content that you share with your followers.

Create captivating contentwith worth. Create a communities as well as encourage interactions. Answer questions and reply to any feedback (pro tip: Use Hootsuite’s Inbox tool to ensure that you don’t miss any messages).

Social Listening is another useful method to nurture you social media prospects. Create streams that monitor relevant conversations, so that you can be authentic and active when it is appropriate.

Also, Be a trustworthy friend that’s enjoyable to spend time with. There’s no one who would want to be a salesperson who is pushy. The process of nurturing the lead is all about creating relationships and building a good image so that when the moment comescome for the lead to make a purchase you’ll be in the forefront of their minds.

Reference : hootsuite

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