Why Enterprise SaaS Companies Struggle To Scale SEO

If you’re an enterprise SaaS company, you’re aware that SEO is crucial (at at least I’m sure you’re aware of it). You’re creating content that is engaging and enhancing it for Google and other search engine crawlers, yet you’re not seeing the expected increase in organic traffic or subscriptions. Why?

In this article I’ll look at the major SEO issues facing SaaS businesses, and the ways an agency with expertise can assist (and I’m not declaring that because I manage one). Let’s look at the reasons you may struggle to scale SEO.

You’re Not Producing Enough (High-Quality) Content

Enterprises have plenty of resources, yet it’s difficult to establish an effective SEO team within the company. First of all, you require a large amount of content that is relevant to succeed, and it is a time-consuming and laborious task to create, especially in the case of marketing across multiple languages and countries. What is the reason you require such an abundance of content? to establish authority on the topic and implement the full funnel SEO strategy.

The authority of your topic makes you an authority source for knowledge about your field. This doesn’t mean that you can write a single piece of content around the keyword. You must write multiple pieces that are relevant with the keywords.


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Furthermore, SaaS SEO content must be able to satisfy the search criteria throughout the SaaS funnel. Therefore, in addition to the top of the funnel informative content SaaS businesses must develop content that targets the keywords with a higher likelihood of being purchased.

This is why, for an SaaS business that is brand new to SEO I would recommend putting up at least 20 pages each month for one year. In the second year you can decrease the number of pages to five to ten pages per month, but with an increased amount of time on constantly optimizing and improving your current pages.

This is important as it prevents the SEO (search result page for engines) rankings from slipping. And if your content isn’t able to bring in organic traffic or leads and you don’t get a lot of return on investment. Maintaining content that is up-to-date and relevant is beneficial to both search engines and readers. Furthermore, optimizing requires the research of keywords to determine relevant secondary keywords to incorporate in the text, both in the headings as well as in those in the body text. Metadata and alt text as well, must be regularly modified and updated.

It’s also crucial to ensure that increasing the volume of your content doesn’t affect the quality of your content. Common issues we come across–and that businesses must stay clear from are duplicate content, stealing keywords, and using shortcuts such as paying for backlinks, or linking to sites that are shady. (Google does not like either of those.)

It’s a challenge to build links on your own unless you have established relationships with trusted websites and this can take a long time. Without these connections, we see lots of teams who spend hours on outreach but not seeing outcomes. In addition, simply chasing competitors’ backlinks won’t increase your standing.

You’re Focusing On The Wrong Things

Certain companies don’t consider SEO as a top priority when growing. It’s one thing to know that SEO affects visitors, however it’s quite another to understand how crucial it is to SaaS. It’s easy to undervalue the amount of work and resources required to implement SEO efficiently.

Keyword research is another aspect that a wrong approach can hinder your efforts to grow. Many companies focus on keywords that are highly competitive and believe that using general search terms will place their products before the largest public. But for SaaS businesses, it’s better to choose specific keywords with a high searches, since they’ll draw people with genuine interest in your service. Keywords that are popular tend to be more expensive which means you’re spending money on these keywords.

With all the focus on content and link-building some companies neglect the technical aspects of SEO. When your website isn’t performing well visitors won’t stick around for long. It’s possible that they won’t even discover it at all as search engines count factors like page load speed and navigation ease as ranking factors.

How do you create an effective SEO content strategy in 2023?

How Can An SEO Agency Help?

Enterprise companies may be hesitant about the idea of outsourcing SEO in the hands of an agency and prefer to maintain all control in-house. But it’s very difficult to scale if you don’t have assistance from an expert. A SEO company has the expertise and the capacity to help you grow quality content and link-building and various other elements of SEO.

Your business may have talented copywriters, but SEO experts can create thousands of top-quality content quickly and designed to be in line with the intent of the users and maintain your brand on at the top of SERPs.

There are many generalist SEO agencies however it is more sensible to pick one that specializes in SaaS. These agencies are aware of what is effective and what doesn’t. They know how to promote SaaS products in a long sales funnel, and how to appeal to potential customers at every step.

Along with ensuring that you have a large amount in content reputable SaaS SEO agency will already have the connections needed to ensure your content is placed in the correct locations. Through many years of work they’ve built relationships with relevant domains that are trusted and trustworthy, so that they can negotiate the top-quality hyperlinks that you require to rank.

If your company contacts an existing online journal and asks for backlinks, the owner of the website isn’t likely to believe in the company. However, if the outreach originates from an agency they cooperate with they’ll have more confidence that the content linked to is of the highest quality and helpful for the site’s SEO.

You can be sure that the agency will not use harmful links or black-hat methods to increase your rank place. They’ll also be able to provide proof that their methods are working with regular reports.


To grow SaaS SEO successfully, you must provide a large amount of content without sacrificing quality or using the wrong strategy. The best SEO agency can assist you with this.

If you contract the work for them to do, they’ll employ an amalgamation of optimized pages, relevant hyperlinks as well as technical SEO to boost your rank. They’ll also do it on an incredibly high level.

Reference : Forbes

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